Fat Bottom Bakery’s first event! Che Cafe, May 8th, 2009

We were lucky enough to table our first event last weekend at San Diego’s collectively-run Che Cafe, which has been a showspace, cafe, and something of a zine library for many, many years. Plenty of southern California kids grew up at the Che, and over the years, not much has changed–the same sort of troubles most collectives have (dealing with insurance, the university [it’s on the UCSD campus!], each other, you know), as well as countless awesome shows, broken mics, rad kids, and veggie burgers.
The show itself was a fairly epic reunion of a bunch of old hardcore bands (Swing Kids, Portraits of Past and Unbroken were some of the more exciting), and drew a ton of kids from out of town and out of state. We were lucky enough to meet lots of them, and get to know some over some delicious cupcakes.
Special thanks to Spencer, for helping us out with the tabling aspect, Jose, for getting us an in at the show, and Jose’s mom Camelia, for being an amazing lady and also for letting us use her house.

Now on to the pictures! (click ’em to see the full versions)

Setting up before the show…

The full spread.

Cookies and cream cupcakes were a hit.

As well as chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, and vanilla cupcakes!

Carolynn and Ashley may seem a little awkward in photos…

But really, we were pretty stoked.

And as a bonus, a video of Swing Kids, for those who couldn’t make it out (I was trying to find some more videos and pictures from the rest of the show, but don’t have any myself because I was outside slinging baked goods almost the whole time!):

Wish you’d been there? Well, make sure to come out and visit the Fat Bottom table at some of the other shows and events we’ll be at soon.
The next one is 7 Generations at 924 Gilman in Berkeley, Friday, May 29th. We better see you there!


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