San Francisco Pride 2009!

Hey all you local queers and allies, Fat Bottom Bakery is gearing up to peddle our own personal brand of pride at the Dyke March next Saturday, June 27th– in the form of rainbow cupcakes!

If the combination of this:


…and the sight of the lovely Fat Bottom ladies (uh, I mean Carolynn and me) walking around in fancy dresses with trays full of the above cupcakes adds up to an irresistible event in your eyes, rest assured you’re in good company.

I mean, let’s face it, most of the folks there won’t have come for the cupcakes, but who’s to say the cupcakes won’t be the highlight of the weekend? Really, look at them.

And if you get tired of looking at them, you can eat them.

And once you’re tired of eating them (yeah, right), you can walk off all those delicious calories on your way from Dolores Park to the Castro!

We’ll be there pretty much all day, starting around 3pm at Dolores park, where the festivities begin, and, starting at 7pm, following the march on its path through the city to the Castro.


Music and treats at 21 Grand, Tuesday!

Join us tomorrow, June 23rd, to take in the sights and sounds of 21 Grand, one of Oakland’s raddest art and show spaces! Why is 21 Grand the raddest? Events are usually all ages and sliding scale, which means whoever you are and however pitiful your allowance (or minimum wage, or unemployment) may be, you can come! It’s also rad in that it’s what they call an “interdisciplinary arts space”, which basically means you can check out some crazy paintings and photos and sculptures made out of cardborard, string and macaroni while you enjoy the bands!

What bands are playing, anyway? Oh, you know, Stripmall Seizures, KIT, Father Murphy, and Baaddd (which doesn’t have a website that I can find, but has been described as “(mostly) instrumental electro pop, that’s coated in whipped cream and dripping with chocolate sauce.” How could you go wrong?

We’ll be there with the usual goods available for your enjoyment starting at 8pm.

21 Grand
416 25th St.
(at Broadway)
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 444-7263

I love lemons!

I love summer food. Ashley and I have been perfecting recipes for all kinds of summer treats, like our strawberry cupcakes and brand new chocolate-mint cupcakes

So even though it was a gloomy, grey, entirely un-summery day, in my heart I knew I wanted to make something that would be totally refreshing on a hot sunny day- I needed to make batch of lemon poppy seed cookies and a pitcher of ginger lemonade!

So I bundled up, walked to the market, and bought the most lemons ever.

Seriously, lemons are the greatest!

The cookies are crisp, chewy, tart.

So basically they are the best. 

Keep checking back Ashley and I have been making have a bunch of new recipes and are always looking out for places to table. 

Sale books and cupcakes and raffles!

If you didn’t make it out to the Issues Anniversary party last weekend, allow us to recap for you what you missed:
There were out-of-control stacks of sale books lining the sidewalk, giant piles of t-shirts for only $10 (Joy Division? Check. The Smiths? Check. The Issues store logo? Double check.), free food provided by Casa Latina, free palm reading, free beer(!), a giant raffle with prizes from more than 20 local small businesses, and, of course, a table full of Fat Bottom baked goods.
It sounds like almost too much, right? Like you can’t even imagine how awesome it was? Or maybe you just need photographic evidence to believe this shit really happened. Well, we’ve got that for you too.

Allow us to start with our own goods:
We’ve got mint chocolate and vanilla strawberry cupcakes…

And chocolate chip and maple-walnut cookies.


Debbie and Tiffany demonstrate the proper way to be stoked about baked goods.

Indigo is unsure…

…But comes around after a bite or two (we knew he would!)

Fan, helper, and sometimes-photographer of Fat Bottom Bakery, Jose, fell in love with a puppy.

Meanwhile, inside the store, Issues owners and friends work diligently to keep their valued customers happy.

While outside, we prepared our raffle prize to go to its lucky recipient– we told you we had a prize in the raffle, right?

Carolynn even made a fancy box for it.

Raffle time came around at 4pm, and store-owner and generally-awesome-lady Noella got the crowd pumped up…
Seriously, the crowd was like 20 times that big. It was massive. Like, too-big-to-all-fit-in-one-photo-style.

We couldn’t have had a better time!
I’m telling you, that’s genuine delight on our faces.

All in all, it was a pretty perfect day. We got to meet tons of new local folks and convince them of our merit as a local Oakland business (I think it’s called “networking” or something), run into some good friends, meet some cute dogs, hang out with the folks from Issues and even win a prize (I won a tote bag from Spectator Books in the raffle!). Oh, and we got sunburned! That part may not have been perfect, but rest assured it was our own damn fault.

Issues anniversary festivities this Sunday!

First of all, thanks to everyone who stopped by our table at Gilman last weekend! We had an awesome time at the show, and had a chance to meet some rad local (and not-so-local) people.

But all that is behind us now, and it’s time for you and us alike to gear up for our next appearance!

What I’m saying is: Fat Bottom Bakery will be at Issues this Sunday, from 2 to 6pm slinging cupcakes and more!

If you live in Oakland, you’re probably familiar with Issues, our local independent news-stand-plus. If you’re not, well then, you should be. Issues is way more than a news stand– they’ve got an absolutely massive selection of magazines and newspapers, as well as books, vinyl, t-shirts and trinkets.

And best of all, they’re turning two this Sunday, and having a party to celebrate!
Check out their website for more details here:

Fat Bottom will be just a part of all the fun things going on, including food and beer, a sidewalk sale, and a raffle. And– wait for it– one of the raffle prizes is a sampler pack of our vegan treats!

Be there.

Issues. 20 Glen Ave. at Piedmont. Sunday, June 7th, from 2 to 6pm.