San Francisco Pride 2009!

Hey all you local queers and allies, Fat Bottom Bakery is gearing up to peddle our own personal brand of pride at the Dyke March next Saturday, June 27th– in the form of rainbow cupcakes!

If the combination of this:


…and the sight of the lovely Fat Bottom ladies (uh, I mean Carolynn and me) walking around in fancy dresses with trays full of the above cupcakes adds up to an irresistible event in your eyes, rest assured you’re in good company.

I mean, let’s face it, most of the folks there won’t have come for the cupcakes, but who’s to say the cupcakes won’t be the highlight of the weekend? Really, look at them.

And if you get tired of looking at them, you can eat them.

And once you’re tired of eating them (yeah, right), you can walk off all those delicious calories on your way from Dolores Park to the Castro!

We’ll be there pretty much all day, starting around 3pm at Dolores park, where the festivities begin, and, starting at 7pm, following the march on its path through the city to the Castro.


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