August already?

It’s been awhile, eh? But just because we haven’t been blogging doesn’t mean we haven’t been working! In fact, we’ve been testing new recipes, securing our spot at events and taking baby steps in the direction of becoming legitimate business-ladies (sounds appealing, doesn’t it?). Oh, and doing what we like to call “market research”. That is, buying all the vegan baked goods we can find at the likes of Whole Foods and Rainbow Grocery and then talking about how they’re too dry/bland/ugly/etc., and then scheming to one-up them.

But enough of the boring shit, let’s get to our next event already!


We’ll be at the San Francisco Zine Fest near the end of the month, breaking up this paper-dominated event with a little dose of sugar. If the idea of Fat Bottom Baked goods in lovely Golden Gate Park (did we mention it’s in Golden Gate Park?) isn’t enough to get you out to the zine fest, you are a fool check out this list of all the rad exhibitors and get stoked.
Oh yeah, and another thing! Did you know I (Ashley) make this vegan cookzine, Barefoot & in the Kitchen? I’ll try not to be offended if you’ve never heard of it (but ‘friend’ me on myspace anyway, yeah?). Anyway, copies of all four issues will be there sharing some table space with Fat Bottom, so you can take them home and do some cooking of your own once you’re all inspired from the delicious baked goods.

The whole thing is two days long, Saturday and Sunday, but we may not be there Sunday because, well, we’re competing in this macaroni and cheese competition.
You may be thinking to yourself, “Hey, wait, I thought they were vegan! What a couple of hypocritical, money-mongering, (sub)cultural appropriators! Who do they think they are, claiming to be a vegan business??”
And if you’re thinking that, well, let me explain. We will, indeed, be serving up vegan mac and cheese, no doubt to a crowd made up exclusively of omnivores (what kind of vegan goes to a mac and cheese event?!). And, in our far-fetched yet beautiful, cruelty-free dreams, we’re going to kick the other competitors’ asses and have proven the culinary value of nutritional yeast once and for all.


At any rate, we’ll see you at the SF Zine Fest on Saturday, the 22nd! And we probably won’t see you at the mac and cheese event (right?), but you can bet there will be self-satisfied gloating or bitter venting in the days to follow.


Best week ever!

Oh my, last week was super busy and amazing! Ashley and I really pulled ourselves together and created new recipes, tabled at 21 Grand, and sold our spectacular rainbow cupcakes at Dyke March…pretty impressive, right?

First thing first, we owe a BIG thank you to all the lovely people at 21 Grand and Club Sandwich for their support and for inviting us to the show!

If you were at the show, then I don’t need to tell you how great the music, the people, and Fat Bottom baked goods were. Ashley and I were stoked to be at the show because it gave us a chance to make the first public debut of some new recipes AND we got to enjoy the music of Stripmall Seizures, KIT, Father Murphy, and Baaddd. All the bands were really outstanding and a real pleasure to be around.

Maybe you’re wondering what recipes we debuted?

We had our coconut cupcake with toasted coconut frosting…

our chocolate raspberry cupcake- a BRAND new recipe!-

here they are together!

If you weren’t at the show shame on you! You totally missed out. But it’s okay you can make it up by coming to our next event.

So as I said we also went to Dyke March. Ashley and I worked all day in kitchen making the most cupcakes ever attempted by Fat Bottom Bakery; we made what felt like a million of our tiny psychedelic rainbow cupcakes. Our prep time went off without a hitch and was really fun thanks to the help of our lovely friends Tucker, Kathleen, and Jose (You three are the best!).

Seriously, look how helpful Tucker is!

After the baking Ashley and I got all prettied up in dresses, did our hair, and even wore makeup! We headed out to Dolores Park.  It was incredibly hot and simply packed with lovely queers and allies. Ashley and I braved the heat and had a great time slinging cupcakes, talking to old friends, and meeting new people.

Here they are! If these cupcakes don’t say pride, then what does?

and here we are! 

Thanks to a lovely lady, Steph, for these pictures. Check out her website

And thanks to Jose for this photo!

Oh, we also made special buttons for the big day!

The day was a pleasure all around and just as it began to cool down and everyone got ready for the march we sold our last cupcake. Ashley and I were free to join in the festivities of the march without the burden of our cupcake tray!

Our week speed by super fast and now we are enjoying a more relaxed week. But not to worry we are busily making new recipes and will be keeping an eye out for new events.