Eat Real Fest Oakland

Add another rad event to our list of scheduled appearances for this month! We’ll have more details as soon as we get them about exactly where and when we’ll be there, but in the meantime, mark the Eat Real Festival on your calendar and don’t make any other plans for the weekend of August 28th-30th.

This was going to be a great event regardless of Fat Bottom’s presence (like, we were planning on going anyway), but we got lucky enough to be squeezed into the lineup of local food vendors at the last minute. No telling how much of the food will be vegan, but we’re assured that just about every vendor will have at least a vegetarian option, in addition to everything being locally-produced and cheap! I’m not kidding– cheap is actually a requirement.


Food Trucks and carts!

Local microbrews!
Curbside cinema!
Foodie bike tours?!

We dare you to check that shit out and not show up.


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