Winning Hearts and Awards

Just a very quick note to make sure you all see that our new (and favorite!) friends over at Vegansaurus posted a very special post, all about us!

Now, we’ve got a longer weekend wrap-up post soon to come, and I hope this doesn’t ruin any surprises, but eff-yeah we won second place in the SF Food Wars Mac and Cheese battle! Against crazy omnivores! With our vegan recipe!

Also, the SF Zine Fest was pretty rad too. One lovely lady we met there went so far as to say (via Twitter) “The true winner of SFZineFest was Fat Bottom Bakery. Daamn those ladies can make a mean cupcake.”

Stay tuned, we’ve got all kinds of pictures and news for you.

And we’re in love (yeah, it’s mutual now!) with Vegansaurus.

P.S. Also, note that you can now follow us on Twitter! Yeah, we’re on that shit. All for your convenience of course.


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