WOW! What a fun weekend!

Whew! We had a super busy weekend, what with the
San Francisco Zine Fest and making award winning mac and cheese and all.

Seriously, Zine Fest was great. Zines, books, and crafts of every kind were laid out as far as the eye could see. Not only did we get to debut some of our new cupcakes but we also got to hang out with some rad people and read some zines.

Here is our spread, complete with vanilla cupcakes with lemon frosting and fresh blueberries, mini chocolate cupcakes with raspberry frosting, and of course our own Ashley’s zine(!!) Barefoot and in the Kitchen.
I really just have to take a moment here: look how darn cute those mini cupcakes are?

What could have possibly made our day any better? Fate, or actually I think it was a request form, landed us next to the lovely AK Press.

And we got to share our table with Rad Dad which was was pretty much a dream come true.

Some people are really into zines …

Ashley and I got to spend all day sitting on our tuchuses oscillating between either slinging cupcakes and zines or eating cupcakes and reading zines. Pretty good, right? The highlights of the day where, as mentioned in the last post, the ridiculously awesome folks from vegansaurus stopping by (we heart them), and winning one of the raffle prizes!

I guess this is how I look when I am delighted!

I am now the proud owner of Do It Yourself Screenprinting by John Isaacson, I am eff-ing stoked! I can maybe put the Fat Bottom logo, or really anything, on some t-shirts. Get ready.

We would have been happy as anything if that was all the excitement for the weekend. But we are ambitious. On Sunday we set out to the SF Food Wars Mac Battle Royal with Cheese. There were over over 100 tasters and a panel of judges, who obviously have great palettes:
Tamara Palmer of SFoodie/ SF weekly, Allan Hough of Mission Mission, and Beatrice Gomberg, executive chef at The Corner .

Oh and all the proceeds of this event are going right to the SF Food Bank.

It was a mad house. There were a totally of 20 competitors offering a wide array totally un-vegan, bacon-spiked, truffle infused creations.

Totally crowded!

In the midst of this dairy madness we introduced our own dish titled “Who Cares”. Our recipe is a serendipitous marrying of mine and Ashley’s own seperate recipes. Don’t worry, the recipe is soon to be online, right here on our blog and also on

Here is the sign we made. Notice the macaroni frame? Get it?

We weren’t the only vegans representing! We had an ally in the Non-Dairy King’s own brand of vegan mac. I was thrilled to be able to eat someone else’s dish and I was not disappointed!

After a few hours of dishing out mac and cheese we waited to hear the results and were surprised and delighted to get 2nd place! We got medals and everything. In our prize pack we got a generous, if not appropriate, gift card to Cowgirl Creamery- an artisan cheese store….

Here we are posing next to our name!

So, after our glorious victory it was obvious how we should celebrate: Sundaes at Maggie Mudd! (notice our medal!)

Anyway, great. Come visit us at Eat Real Fest next weekend!


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