Get ready to Eat Real!

It’s hard to believe that after the crazy week we’ve had we’re gearing up for another– even bigger– event right now! How big, you ask? Well, even the New York Times has an article about it!

Of course I’m talking about Oakland’s own Eat Real Festival. We’ve announced before that we’ll be there, but now we’ve got details!

We’ll be walking around with these guys:

(those are big fat vanilla cupcakes with lemony buttercream and fresh blueberries, and lil’ mini chocolate cupcakes with raspberry glaze and fresh raspberry buttercream)

…in these guys:
(I’m talking about the trays)

From 2:00 to 6:00 pm, both Saturday and Sunday. That’s right, we’ll be roaming, so you’ll have to work for your cupcakes! The thrill of the chase and the sweetness of success will be yours!

Be there or be sorry come say hi, it’ll be fun!


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