Into the future

So, we’ve talked a lot about our conquering of various festivals and competitions over the last few weeks, but now it’s time for us to look ahead, over our gingham table cloth and variously-sized cupcake stands, and stare destiny in the face. And to us, right now, destiny looks like this:

That’s right, destiny is a Mount Eerie show at 21 Grand. (What did you expect?)
Come out September 19th (it’s a Saturday!) at 8:30 and watch some great bands, say hi to us, eat some baked deliciousness, etc.

If you’re not convinced you should come, let us offer you some incentive in the form of our Yelp reviews:

“I just tried my first Fat Bottom Bakery cupcake at Eat Real fest in Oakland this weekend. SO DELICIOUS…The best part was that AFTER I ate it & raved about it for about 10 minutes I found out they were vegan! How the hell they’re able to make such delicious products without any dairy products is beyond me, but it’s so awesome that they do!” (thanks Jenna H!)
“I would highly recommend going to all the events Fat Bottom Bakery is selling at and BUYING EVERYTHING.”


(Also, if you’ve tried some of our stuff and liked it, please feel free to leave us a review! By which I mean, we would be effing thrilled if you left us a review!)

And one more thing (the last thing, I promise!) before we can move on from our past… I just have to share a few photos from Eat Real because it was so awesome.
(we got fancy for y’all)

(the kids were totally stoked)

(this guy seriously ate the whole thing in one bite)


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