Bananana Nut Bread! Show This Saturday!

Winding down from our plethora of events last month has given us some time to (finally) get back to the basics a little bit. And if there’s one thing I’d consider a ‘basic’ of my personal baking career, it’s this banana nut bread.
My immediate family is not filled with cooks, and it’s certainly not filled with vegans, but despite all that, I managed to inherit from them this recipe. It was good when my parents made it, and, with just a little tweaking–in the form of ousting the dairy and eggs–it’s gotten even better. I think it just may be the perfect banana bread recipe. Super moist, with a great mellow banana flavor and full of crunchy walnuts. Just look at it up there!
It’s not available for purchase just yet, but soon enough we’ll be offering a selection of breads and cakes for special order, to compliment our cupcakes and cookies. Keep an eye out!

And, while I’ve got your attention, allow me to remind you of your next opportunity to get your hands on some FBB baked goods. You know it already, right? It’s the Mount Eerie show at 21 Grand in Oakland, this Saturday, the 19th. We’ll be there with a variety of delicious little items available for your purchase and consumption, including chocolate vanilla swirl cupcakes and mint-chocolate minis.
Don’t miss out!


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