Be There or Be Square!

Hey there!

All right! So are you not sure what to do this weekend? No worries, we’ve got you covered with two more awesome events.

Saturday at noon head to the SF Walk for Farm Animals! There’s gonna be a silent auction, free vegan food samples, guest speakers Joyce Tischler and Christopher D. Cook, and of course some walking! The best part is the event benefits the Farm Sanctuary!! Check out the link for more details.

The walk’s Silent Auction is going to be totally crazy! There is a huge list of wonderful people donating prizes, including Fat Bottom Bakery. We are donating a gift certificate for 2-dozen cupcakes or 4-dozen minis! It’s a great cause and will be fun!

And on Sunday you should come see us at Pandora’s Trunk 1001 Fabulous Nights. It’s 
a multimedia fashion performance, live music, 
& lobby bazaar with indie clothing, art, and micro foods! How crazy does that sound? 
Sunday from 7-11pm at the Brava Theater, 2781 24th St near Bryant.

We’ll be there with our famous cigarette cupcake girl trays, walking around inside and outside the event, so you can catch us whenever your sweet tooth strikes.

See you then!


Cupcake Battle 2K9

On Saturday we left the amazing Bakesale with smiles on our faces, a sugar buzz, and a huge box of treats. But there was no time to dilly-dally. It was time to get serious.

Ashley and I had to put on our game faces and get ready to compete in the SF Food Wars Cupcake Clash!

For the first time ever Ashley and I were competing against each other, and let me tell you it was brutal! The kitchen was filled with the typical sounds of electric mixers and oven timers, but also the unfamiliar sounds of trash talk and tense silence….

Just kidding. We did a pretty terrible job of being competitive in the kitchen and overall baking went really well.

Ashley prepared her Creamsicle Cupcake, an orange cupcake with a cream filling, marmalade, and vanilla “butter cream” frosting.

I whipped up my Spiced Mocha, a mocha cupcake filled with mocha cream and topped with a cinnamon and clove spiced chocolate frosting.

The day of the event Jose came to represent Ashley (who was working at APE ) and Debbie came for moral support. We carted all our cupcakes across the bay.

Debs is the best!

And here I am!


At the event Jose was seated next to the lovely folks from Cinnaholic, who we had met at the bake sale.

Here’s Cinnaholic’s spread

As competitors arrived I saw all the wide varieties of cupcakes and displays. Some were novel (including chives, siracha, bacon) and some more traditional…

Look at ’em! Unfortunately most of the cupcakes were not vegan…

Tasters piled there plates high with cupcakes and took on the task of trying all 22 flavors!

It was hectic but fun day. Ashley was even able to join us for a bit of the event, see the fruit of her labor, and catch the awards!

So on that note… I’ve got some good news and bad news. Neither Ashley nor I won this time BUT our fellow vegans Cinnaholic received 1st place and photographer’s choice! Go vegans!

The SF Vegan Bakesale was pretty much the greatest

So, as expected, this past weekend was a huge one in the world of Bay Area vegan baking (that’s its own little world, sort of, right?). We’ll post something regarding Sunday’s SF Food Wars mini cupcake clash sometime this week, but for now, let me tell you about the bakesale.

Oh the bakesale. What can I even say? I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking, but here’s a pretty good summary:

Over 40 vegan bakers made an absolutely epic variety of goods (caramel apples, two different types of cinnamon rolls, all sorts of cookies, cupcakes, bars, a cake– it was nuts).

We made a bunch of raspberry bars and a big tray of baklava.

Not quite enough, as it turned out, because the whole sale was sold out an hour and a half ahead of schedule, at 2:30!

In all, we made over $2600 for Give Me Shelter cat rescue! Those cats are so stoked, and so are we! There were also a few of the cats from the shelter there up for adoption, and we heard two of them found homes that day! If you ever doubted the power of a cruelty-free baked good to create change, uh… get over it.

clearly stoked!

The sale itself was spread out on a bunch of tables in front of Ike’s Place. Let me tell you about Ike’s Place. Actually, let this line tell you about it:

We ate some effing delicious sandwiches from their massive menu of vegan options. Everyone there was the friendliest, most helpful person alive. It was seriously crazy.

We got to meet and hang out with so many rad folks, including our friend Laura from Vegansaurus (also one of the organizers of the bakesale) and her mom(!), Rachael from Idle Hands, the folks from Cinnaholic (who we also get to hang with the next day) and tons more totally amazing people. Two of our friends even made the trek up from San Jose!

Basically, everyone had the greatest time ever. Money was raised, cats were adopted, connections were made, and most of all, about 80% of all the delicious things in the world were together in the same place at the same time.

But wait, there’s more! Since this one was so successful and all the participants were so enthusiastic, it’s likely going to become a bimonthly thing! So stay tuned for the details of the next SF Vegan Bakesale, and come see us in December!

Just a tease

No time for a real update, I’m afraid, but I wanted to tempt y’all with a couple pictures of things we’ve been working on lately.
First, mini creamsicle cupcakes for the SF Food Wars mini cupcake clash this weekend:
That’s right, these suckas have a cream filling…
…an orange glaze, and the usual buttercream. What more could you ask for?

And then there’s this guy:
Oh, the potential!

While I’ve got your attention, please don’t forget to stop by the SF Vegan Bakesale this weekend! We’ll be there Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm, with raspberry bars and vegan baklava! Are we insane? Yeah, I said baklava.