The SF Vegan Bakesale was pretty much the greatest

So, as expected, this past weekend was a huge one in the world of Bay Area vegan baking (that’s its own little world, sort of, right?). We’ll post something regarding Sunday’s SF Food Wars mini cupcake clash sometime this week, but for now, let me tell you about the bakesale.

Oh the bakesale. What can I even say? I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking, but here’s a pretty good summary:

Over 40 vegan bakers made an absolutely epic variety of goods (caramel apples, two different types of cinnamon rolls, all sorts of cookies, cupcakes, bars, a cake– it was nuts).

We made a bunch of raspberry bars and a big tray of baklava.

Not quite enough, as it turned out, because the whole sale was sold out an hour and a half ahead of schedule, at 2:30!

In all, we made over $2600 for Give Me Shelter cat rescue! Those cats are so stoked, and so are we! There were also a few of the cats from the shelter there up for adoption, and we heard two of them found homes that day! If you ever doubted the power of a cruelty-free baked good to create change, uh… get over it.

clearly stoked!

The sale itself was spread out on a bunch of tables in front of Ike’s Place. Let me tell you about Ike’s Place. Actually, let this line tell you about it:

We ate some effing delicious sandwiches from their massive menu of vegan options. Everyone there was the friendliest, most helpful person alive. It was seriously crazy.

We got to meet and hang out with so many rad folks, including our friend Laura from Vegansaurus (also one of the organizers of the bakesale) and her mom(!), Rachael from Idle Hands, the folks from Cinnaholic (who we also get to hang with the next day) and tons more totally amazing people. Two of our friends even made the trek up from San Jose!

Basically, everyone had the greatest time ever. Money was raised, cats were adopted, connections were made, and most of all, about 80% of all the delicious things in the world were together in the same place at the same time.

But wait, there’s more! Since this one was so successful and all the participants were so enthusiastic, it’s likely going to become a bimonthly thing! So stay tuned for the details of the next SF Vegan Bakesale, and come see us in December!


3 thoughts on “The SF Vegan Bakesale was pretty much the greatest

  1. The baklava was superb! I hope the inspiration strikes again at the next bake sale!

    Thanks for posting the pics. Makes me realize all the good stuff I missed out on…next time I'm coming with the sun rise.

    Awesome bake sale!

  2. I brought german chocolate cupcakes and we bought a big box of goodies to take home. And squeed over the adorable kitties. And had vegan meatball sandwiches from Ike's. It was seriously one of the greatest events I've seen since we moved to the bay area. There was so much good and so much awesomeness, I was happy and proud and excited. YAY kitties!

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