What I did on my summer vacation. Wait. What?

Whoa, sorry it’s been awhile! We’ve been super busy with all kinds of things, bakery-related and not. Allow me to present a couple of them for your appreciation:

First of all, we celebrated Halloween a couple weeks ago with some chocolate spider web cupcakes (baked on Halloween morning listening to the Mistfits!) and a Fat Bottom inspired pumpkin:


…dressed as two eras of Dolly Parton:

As you can see, Carolynn is sweet country Dolly and I’m all-made-up glam Dolly. We marched through town with the Brass Liberation Orchestra and even won (ok, third place in) a costume contest!
(Jose was a bat playing a drum!)

Shortly after recovering from Halloween and a suspiciously swine-flu-like illness, I was off to Southern California for my brother’s wedding. No, we didn’t bake the cake for the reception (in fact, there wasn’t one!), but spending some time in Santa Barbara where the ceremony was held allowed me to check out the city’s cupcakery, Crush Cakes.

Crush Cakes is by no means a vegan bakery, but lucky for me and the vegans of lovely SB, they do have one rotating vegan flavor every day.
The day I went it was Strawberry:
(Yes, it was a lot of frosting!)

I was hoping to talk to the owner, as she’s a fellow baker, blogger, and lady business owner, but she didn’t seem to be around that day. Oh well! I devoured that thing and was out of there for one more day with my family and a short flight back to Oakland.

So that’s where things stand now. I mean other than the fact that we’re preparing for a couple of mind-blowingly awesome appearances in the next month, but I’ll save that for another post. Stay tuned!


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