FBB has a lunch date with VegNews magazine!

Yesterday Ashley and I were lucky enough to join the lovely staff of VegNews for lunch! If you don’t know, VegNews is a rad magazine all about the veg lifestyle. It has articles about news, travel, recipes, and just about anything else you would want to read about.

For lunch we whipped up our award winning mac and cheese. And, of course, we brought some dessert! We brought an assortment of cupcakes including our coconut cupcakes, red velvet, and carrot cupcakes with “cream cheese” frosting.
This is our coconut cupcake!

Here’s a red velvet decorated with pink dinosaurs for Laura of Vegansaurus!

And a carrot cupcake with crystallized ginger on top.

We took our goods across the bay to the VegNews office in San Francisco. It was a surprisingly lovely day and as we arrived at the offices we saw tables set up to dine outside in the sunshine!

We were greeted by the VegNews staffers who were (as we expected) super fun, welcoming, and generally awesome. Ashley and I got a tour of where the VN magic happens and got ready to eat some lunch.

Our mac and cheese was paired with a great salad made by the VN staff and some delicious brussels sprouts made by the delightful Laura!

After we ate our fill we managed to find some more room for cupcakes too.

Here we are!

So lets recap: We got to spend our day eating delicious vegan food out in the sun with amazing people. Yup, that sounds about right.

Looking ahead, remember to come to the SF Vegan Bakesale Saturday, December 5!

This event is ridiculously fun! If you need a reminder of how awesome the last one was, check this out. There will be an assortment of mind blowing desserts prepared by all kinds of genius bakers around the bay area and all the money is going to some great causes : the Food Empowerment Project and SaveABunny!

Also stay tuned, as Ashley and I are working on a really exciting project that we are going to unveil in the next couple of weeks. I can’t say too much now except, get ready to get stoked East Bay vegans!


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