Vegan Valentine’s Day!

Okay so Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Ashley and I probably just seconds away from busting out our pink construction paper, glitter glue, and anything heart shaped to make all those near and dear some hand crafted valentines.

But that’s not all, we will be celebrating Valentine’s at a ridiculously fun event on Friday, February 12 organized by the talented Karine Brighten.

The Vegan Valentine’s Day Dance is going to be great! There is going to be food, drinks (an open wine and beer bar to be precise), and dancing. As a sponsor Fat Bottom Bakery is providing our specialty pistachio baklava and amazing raspberry bars.

Your ticket also gets you an awesome gift bag and enters you in a raffle and there are seriously a million prizes- gift certificates to restaurants, gift bags, and a certificate for a hour and a half of massage, and on and on. If you win you get to choose your own prize!! You should really check out the list of prizes, it is out of control.

(Note: Please if you win before me stay far away from that massage gift certificate-I call dibs!)

Not only is it going to be totally fun but this event is benefiting the wonderful Vegan Outreach!

Heck, why wouldn’t you want to go?

So come on out! Bring your sweetie (or not), put on your dancing shoes, and bring a backpack to haul back all your gifts/prizes.


This Weekend- Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival

Can’t wait to get out and do something this weekend, after the rain, wind and hail(?!) we’ve had all week? Us too!

We’ll be out in Alameda at the crazy art deco theater at Michaan’s Auctions both Saturday and Sunday for the Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival which, for the record, is going to be completely awesome. There will be two full days of films from around the world, in addition to animation workshops for kids 7 and up. Check out their festival program here for all the info.

Ok, so two days of awesome movies, whatever, right? You’re probably wondering what we’ll be doing there. Well, as an official food sponsor of the event, we’ll be there for a a couple hours (around 11 to 1:30) during lunch time walking around with our cupcake trays full of big vanilla lemon cupcakes and mini red velvets!

Tell all your friends with little ones and make sure to come out yourself, because I’m pretty sure this is going to be fun for everyone who shows up. Not to mention delicious.

Bakesale success!

After some unexpected and highly ridiculous delays (the camera with all our photos on it won’t interact with my new computer!), we’ve finally pulled our shit together to give you some semblance of a wrap-up of the East Bay Vegan Bakesale!

BUT FIRST! A time-sensitive, bakesale-related announcement:
There are all kinds of vegan bakesales popping up country-wide to send emergency funds to Haiti to help the earthquake relief effort!
The PPK site has a cumulative list of all of them (so check it out, wherever you’re from, and if you don’t see one in your area, organize one!). The one that will probably apply to most of the people reading this is one in San Francisco, this weekend. It’s Saturday, January 23rd, in Patricia‚Äôs Green (on Hayes Street at Octavia Street), from 11 AM to 4 PM. Please bake, show up, eat and support!

And now, with that said, onto the EBVB photos (courtesy of our friends Mel and Jose):
We set up our three tables in front of Issues as the sky threatened rain, and mercifully restrained itself all day! (For everyone who came to the sale: seriously, how great is Issues?! We are so thankful for their help, and hope you all continue to support them now that you’ve experienced their awesomeness firsthand).

Just a small sampling of all the delicious that people brought throughout the day. We had baked goods coming in waves, and were able to keep restocking our platters to almost the very end, ensuring that everyone who came by had lots of delicious options!

Thanks to all the volunteers who collected money and answered questions…

To the students of Laurel Elementary, for making us this rad sign! (here endorsed by cool-dude Jose)…

To the dogs of Bad Rap, for coming out and being their sweet, adorable, stereotype-busting selves…

And of course, thanks to everyone who baked, bought, and spread the word! It was truly amazing to meet and work with you all. And, all together, our efforts raised $2200 for our two causes!

We’ll see you all in March for the second installation of the East Bay Vegan Bakesale! In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, or contact us at to be added to our email list and receive updates.

For more coverage of the bakesale (especially since we have so few pictures!), check out the Cinnaholic blog. Did I mention Cinnaholic came through with FOUR different cinnamon buns for the bakesale? Swoon.

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for an East Bay Vegan Bakesale wrap-up!

As soon as we get all our photos uploaded and our minds and kitchens pulled back together, we’re going to have an awesome post for you on the AMAZING bakesale that raised almost $2200!!

UPDATE: In the mean time, check out the VegNews Press Pass about the bakesale!

For now, we’ll leave you with the above photo. This was the scene in the street with the Bad Rap dogs on site…