This Weekend- Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival

Can’t wait to get out and do something this weekend, after the rain, wind and hail(?!) we’ve had all week? Us too!

We’ll be out in Alameda at the crazy art deco theater at Michaan’s Auctions both Saturday and Sunday for the Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival which, for the record, is going to be completely awesome. There will be two full days of films from around the world, in addition to animation workshops for kids 7 and up. Check out their festival program here for all the info.

Ok, so two days of awesome movies, whatever, right? You’re probably wondering what we’ll be doing there. Well, as an official food sponsor of the event, we’ll be there for a a couple hours (around 11 to 1:30) during lunch time walking around with our cupcake trays full of big vanilla lemon cupcakes and mini red velvets!

Tell all your friends with little ones and make sure to come out yourself, because I’m pretty sure this is going to be fun for everyone who shows up. Not to mention delicious.


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