Vegan Valentine’s Day!

Okay so Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Ashley and I probably just seconds away from busting out our pink construction paper, glitter glue, and anything heart shaped to make all those near and dear some hand crafted valentines.

But that’s not all, we will be celebrating Valentine’s at a ridiculously fun event on Friday, February 12 organized by the talented Karine Brighten.

The Vegan Valentine’s Day Dance is going to be great! There is going to be food, drinks (an open wine and beer bar to be precise), and dancing. As a sponsor Fat Bottom Bakery is providing our specialty pistachio baklava and amazing raspberry bars.

Your ticket also gets you an awesome gift bag and enters you in a raffle and there are seriously a million prizes- gift certificates to restaurants, gift bags, and a certificate for a hour and a half of massage, and on and on. If you win you get to choose your own prize!! You should really check out the list of prizes, it is out of control.

(Note: Please if you win before me stay far away from that massage gift certificate-I call dibs!)

Not only is it going to be totally fun but this event is benefiting the wonderful Vegan Outreach!

Heck, why wouldn’t you want to go?

So come on out! Bring your sweetie (or not), put on your dancing shoes, and bring a backpack to haul back all your gifts/prizes.


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