Two ways to spend your weekend, PLUS FBB in the Huffington Post!

Lest you let this weekend’s events sneak up on you (I know lots of people are busy getting ready for Valentine’s Day/Chinese New Year/whatever else you like to do in mid-February), let us provide you with a reminder of what you should be doing this Friday and Saturday:

First, there’s still time to get your tickets to the Vegan Outreach Valentine’s dancing/drinking/speed dating bonanza this Friday! Photobucket
For $50 you get Fat Bottom’s famous vegan baklava and raspberry bars, as well as treats by Sugar Beat Sweets, an open bar with beer from Lagunitas, all kinds of fun V-day activities, and a chance to win some seriously incredible raffle prizes! Check out the link for many more details, and to buy tickets!


If that description isn’t enough to lure you to the event, maybe this Huffington Post article about the history and excellent work of Vegan Outreach will. Oh, also it talks a little about the V-day event, and mentions Fat Bottom Bakery (as well as our friend and event organizer Karine Brighten). In case that doesn’t sink in immediately, we’re in the Huffington Post!!! Thanks so much to Anneli Rufus for the great writeup and mention, and to Vegansaurus for calling it to our attention! Wow!

Whew, ok, can’t get overexcited because we’re not done with the weekend’s events yet.
After Friday comes Saturday, bringing us another sure-to-be-amazing SF Vegan Bakesale! From 11am to 4pm in front of Ike’s Place in San Francisco, benefiting two truly deserving organizations: Cycles of Change and Harvest Home Sanctuary. Seriously, these bakesales are some of the most enjoyable events we’ve ever had the pleasure of participating in. Come out and buy some Fat Bottom treats! And, everything else. Including an Ike’s sandwich or two, because oh man, are those things delicious.

To sum up: Events! Huffington Post! Valentine’s day is coming! Color us delighted.


2 thoughts on “Two ways to spend your weekend, PLUS FBB in the Huffington Post!

  1. YAY! The boyfriend and I will be at the dance tomorrow, and I'm working the bakesale! Looking forward to seeing you again! 😀 Thanks for all that you do for animals!

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