FBB interviewed on the Big Vision Podcast

A little while ago, we were approached by an amazing woman name Britt Bravo who makes her living by helping “facilitate people having fun and doing good while realizing their big vision for a better world.” Seriously. She had heard about Fat Bottom Bakery and the East Bay Vegan Bakesale, and wanted to get the inside scoop on our baking, our ethics, and the ways we like to have fun and do good. So she came to our house, set up her recording equipment, and interviewed us!
And now it’s up on the internet for all to enjoy! You can hear our interview right here on the Big Vision Podcast
Sometime probably next week, the full transcript of the interview will be posted on Britt’s blog Have Fun Do Good. I don’t know if you have any experience with transcribing, but reading the way people actually talk… well, I just hope we’re half as articulate as we assume we are in the day-to-day, or else looking at it on paper (blog?) is going to be pretty cringeworthy for the two of us. 
That said, I’m sure it’s great! We have tons of great things to say, and you’ll love listening to or reading them! Or both!
And in the meantime, before the transcript is up, check out all the other rad and inspiring things over at Have Fun Do Good!

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