A weekend in photos

Oh hey! So sorry it’s taken us a little while to show off our fabulous bakesale weekend, but the time has come, the pictures are here, and you can quit your whining now.
I’m going to keep this short on text, since I think the photos basically speak for themselves, and just say: We raised $1200 for Animal Place and HERF! Thanks again to Issues, Cinnaholic, Pepple’s Donuts, and all our wonderful, amazing volunteers for helping us make it happen– we’ll see you again in June (that’s right, you’ve got a little while, so get ready to make the next East Bay Vegan Bakesale the best yet!).

But wait, our weekend bake-fest wasn’t over with the end of the bakesale! After every delicious treat was sold, and all our tables and platters packed away for next time, we headed back to the kitchen to prepare 200 cupcakes (in four different lovely flavors!) for a wedding the following day. Check out our epic cupcake tower (and the adorable elephant cake toppers) below…

Congratulations, Sujatha and Bobby!


One thought on “A weekend in photos

  1. GREAT job you guys!! 😀 It is always a pleasure to sell at the bakesale and I can't wait for the next one!

    Also those wedding cupcakes are gorgeous!

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