The bakesaling continues in SF, plus a very attractive way to show your support!

Oh hey! Just wanted to post a very brief note about the next San Francisco Vegan Bakesale. It’s coming up, Saturday May 8th, and they’re looking for bakers! Also, volunteers, flyer-ers (right?), eaters, etc., but mainly, lots of great local vegan bakers! We’ll be there as usual, and hope you’ll come enjoy the day with us “most likely” in front of Ike’s Place again!

Baked goods, beautiful sunny day (I’m assuming), and best of all, knowing your time and money is going to two fabulous beneficiaries: WildCare, the only place to take sick or injured wild animals for good quality care in the bay area, and Virunga National Park, working to protect the last 600 mountain gorillas in the Congo.
If you want to get involved, email asap! And keep an eye out on Vegansaurus as well as here for more details as they come.

Also, if you’d like to further support the vegan bakesale movement, and have a totally fashionable and very comfy brown t-shirt to prove it, Herbivore Clothing Company’s got a piece of brand new bakesale merch with your name on it! Check it out!


3 thoughts on “The bakesaling continues in SF, plus a very attractive way to show your support!

  1. Just a quick correction — there are several great nonprofit organizations that take in wildlife in the bay area. The Wildlife department of the Peninsula Humane Society takes in just about anything — from hawks to voles to foxes and alligators. They take care of any wildlife brought to the SF SPCA.

    There's also the Marine Mammal Center and the International Bird Rescue and Research Center, to name a few. Just thought I'd enlighten you, in case you're looking for a new places for donations….

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