East Bay vegans make it happen

So it’s been awhile, but we wanted to update you on some goings-on, past and future!

Firstly, last month’s East Bay Vegan Bakesale was a fabulous success, raising just over $1400, or $700 apiece for our two beneficiaries! We had donated sweets from some folks representing the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society, and a visit from some of the rad people from Walk Oakland Bike Oakland. Oh yeah, we also had treats of all stripes keeping veganism exciting and delicious, from Mexican wedding cookies, and salted caramels, to peanut butter cups, animal crackers, and our own rainbow cupcakes.

Our always-gracious hosts at Issues have put up a post on their blog with some photos from the event– why don’t you go check it out?

Next up on our (fun) to-do list is East Bay Vegan Drinks next Tuesday. Have we mentioned this before? The second Tuesday of every month a bunch of local vegans get together to talk shop, shoot the shit, and have a few beers/cocktails/non-alcoholic delights at a different East Bay bar. It’s always a good turnout, and we’ve been known to while away a couple hours playing darts with our friends from Cinnaholic at vegan drinks (when it was at the Albatross a couple months ago)– what more could you ask for? Next week it’ll be at the Beta Lounge in Berkeley, from 6:30 to 8:00 on Tuesday the 13th. Show up and say hi, or introduce yourself if we don’t know you!

That’s it for now, but stay tuned. With summer in full-swing we’ve got lots of exciting events coming up, including the return of Eat Real Fest (which you may remember from how totally awesome it was in 2009)!


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