What in the World is Up With Fat Bottom Bakery Pt.1

Oh, hello.
We seem to say this a lot, but if it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from us, it’s not because we have nothing going on. In fact, quite the opposite! We’ve been so caught up in the trappings of running a bakery, we’ve been neglecting to properly fill you in on all the details of what we’re up to! So please accept this post as the first in a series that promises to get you all caught up.

It’s August now, and summer events are in full swing! Fortunately we get to take part in a lot of them, and this month started with a bang when we made our rainbow cupcakes for the participants of the Big Gay 10k. Yes, you read that right. The SF AIDS Foundation asked us to make colorful cupcakes for all the folks who were rad enough to run in this awesome fundraiser. So, on a balmy San Francisco morning we went and delivered 17 boxes of these guys to the site of the race.

Check out those decorations!

Check out those fabulous pink wigs!
(With me in this picture– in the fabulous pink wig– is our friend Morgan who always brings super-delicious and unique confections to the East Bay Vegan Bakesale. Hey Morgan!)


Amazing, right? But what about events you can find us at that haven’t already passed? Well, the next two weekends we’ll be at Oakland’s Femme 2010 conference, and then Eat Real, where you can come visit us and get your fix of tasty treats.


We’re excited to check out the Femme Conference this weekend at the Oakland Convention Center in the Marriott downtown! We’ll be there Saturday and Sunday (the 21st and 22nd) selling treats all day, mingling with awesome queer folks and allies, and hopefully finding time to steal away into some of the awesome talks and workshops taking place throughout the weekend. We’re also donating a dozen rainbow cupcakes and a gift certificate to their raffle, and you know you gotta be there for a chance to win. It costs money to register for the conference, but check out their website and the schedule of workshops and I think a lot of you smart, sassy, queer-and-queer-friendly political types will find plenty of reasons to show up! In addition to our smiling faces and sweet treats, I mean.


And next up, who could forget one of our favorite events from last year, the Eat Real Fest at Jack London Square? We’ll be returning this year on the weekend of August 28th and 29th, and guess what: this time round we’ve graduated to a full-blown booth! Come find us and try our mini red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and summery seasonal fruit cupcakes.
And while you’re there, you may as well also check out the boatloads of other awesome street food vendors, all with a variety of items for $5 or less. Also, did I mention the event itself is free to attend? Bring family, bring friends, bring “friends” (you know, Facebook this shit), just be sure to show up for at least one of the days! If you’re the tweeting type, you can also follow Eat Real on Twitter for all the latest updates.

Alright, now that we’ve filled your next two weekends, we’re going to give this blog a rest– but only for a second!
Stay tuned in the coming weeks for What in the World is Up With Fat Bottom Bakery Pt.2, in which we let you in on some very exciting news about the near-future of FBB!


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