A Weekend of Opportunities!

This is a special weekend, you guys. Over the next few days, you will have more opportunities to get yourself a Fat Bottom treat than you have maybe ever before! We’ve got two different events in two different cities, as well as a Donut Farm full of our cupcakes starting Friday ’til they’re gone! If you’re planning to go the Donut Farm route (which you probably should), make haste: we dropped some cupcakes off yesterday around noon, and went back today to find them all sold out! Anyway, drop by Friday afternoon or Saturday morning and you should be safe!

To start our weekend off with a bang, we’ll be at Oakland’s First Friday festivities, tomorrow, Oct. 1st! Help us ring in our (or at least my) favorite month by coming out and eating some cupcakes! We’ll be out in the streets (around 23rd and Telegraph) with our cupcake trays full of Red Velvet and Raspberry Lemonade cupcakes starting around 6pm. Last time we sold out in just a couple hours, so try to catch us earlier rather than later? We want to see you all there!

Here I am at our last Art Murmur with the lucky dude who bought the last cupcake. He was very stoked, and also very nice!

Saturday we’ll be in San Francisco with our tray wandering alongside Look Around: A Fashion Crawl and Trunk Show, at the Mission Cultural Center as a part of this month’s Celebrate San Francisco events. The Mission Cultural Center is awesome, and the lady who hooked us into this event is a new friend who we met at the Femme Conference, so if that tells you anything, this should be a rad event. We’ll be there from 1 to 5pm with our trays in the early afternoon, then probably moving to a table inside the gallery a little later on.

Who knows, if we’re feeling crazy we may even take our trays and head over to Dolores Park. No guarantees, but that would be fun, right?!

Also, just as a sort of save-the-date FYI type deal, the next East Bay Vegan Bakesale is going to be Saturday, October 30th in front of Issues! We’ll have all the details and a glorious flier for you very soon. Anyway, write it in your planner now!


Cupcakes AND Donuts? Who could ask for more…

Hey dudes, just a quick note to let you know what should be on your agenda for this weekend.
We trust that you all know the all-vegan, organic deliciousness that is Pepple’s Donuts, but did you know that they now have a storefront? The Donut Farm is located at 6037 San Pablo Ave in North Oakland and is just waiting for you to drop by.

And you know what else? Not only is the Donut Farm filled with donuts, but this weekend (and hopefully all future weekends! And maybe week days!) it will also be filled with our cupcakes. No joke, we’re gearing up to bake a lovely assortment for these fine folks to sell to you starting tomorrow until they sell out! So make sure you stop by in the next couple of days and buy some sweet treats to eat there with some coffee or take home on gorge yourself on later. How can you pass up FBB’s store-debut?
Please go check it out, and let us know what you think!

A Fond Farewell to August

So you’ve heard a little bit about our amazing August events in past posts, but I thought I’d go ahead and do one final wrap– with pictures! So you can remember fondly (if you were there along with us) or know what to mark on your calendar for next year (if you missed out).

Ready? Here are a couple from the Femme 2010 Conference. I really cannot tell you how many nice, fun and charming people we met here. There were tons of other great vendors there, and unfortunately we were too busy chatting and making sales to take lots of photos of the scene!

But I can show you what we brought:

The full spread

Muffins! We brought banana walnut and mixed berry muffins, to the delight of the morning conference crowd. We understand not everyone is ready for a cupcake at 10am.

And what would the Femme Conference be without some of our famous rainbows?

We donated a dozen to be raffled off, and this lucky lady won them (just in time for her to share some with friends here and take the rest home to Portland)!

And the very next weekend we took over Jack London Square as a part of Eat Real. Let me tell you, this event was amazing! There weren’t a ton of vegan options, but every one that we tried was totally incredible. Especially the Indian-style street food we got from our next door neighbors Soul Cocina (who also were super-sweet guys and helped us when our tent threatened to fly away in the intense wind)!
Same deal here where we didn’t quite have the time to walk around taking pictures of our fellow vendors, but here are a couple of our booth.


We sold out early both days! Sorry especially to everyone who wanted a mini red velvet and didn’t get one.


You can also check out some photos and a short interview with FBB over at The Food Pilot. And be sure to check out fellow vegan/veg-friendly vendors Besto Pesto (soooooo effing good; and from Oakland!), and Soul Cocina. Speaking of Soul Cocina, I was in a street-food-photo-shoot with one of the guys from it for the New York Times Sunday magazine. I guess they’re having a food issue in the next month or so that includes Eat Real. The photographer told me they’d taken thousands of photos, so who knows if ours will be used, but if anyone subscribes to the NYT and happens upon this, please do let us know!

That’s it for now, but as usual we’ve got tons of amazing stuff in the works, so stay tuned. This Fall is shaping up to be even more exciting than summer has been!

What we’ve been up to Part 2: Taking it to the next level

August was a whirlwind! We got to participate in some amazing events and had an amazing time. In the midst of baking and tabling, we have been working on a huge project…

Fat Bottom Bakery has secured our very own kitchen space in West Oakland!
Oh and also, we are totally legit- totally licensed, permitted, and and ready for operation!! I think we literally put our blood, sweat, and ( just a couple) tears into setting up the kitchen.

We by no means did this alone. Our wonderful friends helped to repair things, clean, paint, and support us every step of the way. Thanks guys!

Look at it! So spacious!

This is our new-to-us convection oven. I am in love with it. WE HAVE TWO OVENS!

Now that we have our own kitchen we are going to be able to move into a whole new phase. In the upcoming months we are going to be expanding our menu, selling wholesale, and applying to farmer’s markets. That’s right, soon you won’t have to wait for an event or make a special order (though we would love it if you did!), you will be able to find our goods in cafes, at grocers, and in farmer’s markets!

So, let us know what you would like to see on the menu and where you want to FBB goods! Send us an email to fatbottombakers@gmail.com and tell us what you want to see!