What we’ve been up to Part 2: Taking it to the next level

August was a whirlwind! We got to participate in some amazing events and had an amazing time. In the midst of baking and tabling, we have been working on a huge project…

Fat Bottom Bakery has secured our very own kitchen space in West Oakland!
Oh and also, we are totally legit- totally licensed, permitted, and and ready for operation!! I think we literally put our blood, sweat, and ( just a couple) tears into setting up the kitchen.

We by no means did this alone. Our wonderful friends helped to repair things, clean, paint, and support us every step of the way. Thanks guys!

Look at it! So spacious!

This is our new-to-us convection oven. I am in love with it. WE HAVE TWO OVENS!

Now that we have our own kitchen we are going to be able to move into a whole new phase. In the upcoming months we are going to be expanding our menu, selling wholesale, and applying to farmer’s markets. That’s right, soon you won’t have to wait for an event or make a special order (though we would love it if you did!), you will be able to find our goods in cafes, at grocers, and in farmer’s markets!

So, let us know what you would like to see on the menu and where you want to FBB goods! Send us an email to fatbottombakers@gmail.com and tell us what you want to see!


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