A Fond Farewell to August

So you’ve heard a little bit about our amazing August events in past posts, but I thought I’d go ahead and do one final wrap– with pictures! So you can remember fondly (if you were there along with us) or know what to mark on your calendar for next year (if you missed out).

Ready? Here are a couple from the Femme 2010 Conference. I really cannot tell you how many nice, fun and charming people we met here. There were tons of other great vendors there, and unfortunately we were too busy chatting and making sales to take lots of photos of the scene!

But I can show you what we brought:

The full spread

Muffins! We brought banana walnut and mixed berry muffins, to the delight of the morning conference crowd. We understand not everyone is ready for a cupcake at 10am.

And what would the Femme Conference be without some of our famous rainbows?

We donated a dozen to be raffled off, and this lucky lady won them (just in time for her to share some with friends here and take the rest home to Portland)!

And the very next weekend we took over Jack London Square as a part of Eat Real. Let me tell you, this event was amazing! There weren’t a ton of vegan options, but every one that we tried was totally incredible. Especially the Indian-style street food we got from our next door neighbors Soul Cocina (who also were super-sweet guys and helped us when our tent threatened to fly away in the intense wind)!
Same deal here where we didn’t quite have the time to walk around taking pictures of our fellow vendors, but here are a couple of our booth.


We sold out early both days! Sorry especially to everyone who wanted a mini red velvet and didn’t get one.


You can also check out some photos and a short interview with FBB over at The Food Pilot. And be sure to check out fellow vegan/veg-friendly vendors Besto Pesto (soooooo effing good; and from Oakland!), and Soul Cocina. Speaking of Soul Cocina, I was in a street-food-photo-shoot with one of the guys from it for the New York Times Sunday magazine. I guess they’re having a food issue in the next month or so that includes Eat Real. The photographer told me they’d taken thousands of photos, so who knows if ours will be used, but if anyone subscribes to the NYT and happens upon this, please do let us know!

That’s it for now, but as usual we’ve got tons of amazing stuff in the works, so stay tuned. This Fall is shaping up to be even more exciting than summer has been!


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