Cupcakes AND Donuts? Who could ask for more…

Hey dudes, just a quick note to let you know what should be on your agenda for this weekend.
We trust that you all know the all-vegan, organic deliciousness that is Pepple’s Donuts, but did you know that they now have a storefront? The Donut Farm is located at 6037 San Pablo Ave in North Oakland and is just waiting for you to drop by.

And you know what else? Not only is the Donut Farm filled with donuts, but this weekend (and hopefully all future weekends! And maybe week days!) it will also be filled with our cupcakes. No joke, we’re gearing up to bake a lovely assortment for these fine folks to sell to you starting tomorrow until they sell out! So make sure you stop by in the next couple of days and buy some sweet treats to eat there with some coffee or take home on gorge yourself on later. How can you pass up FBB’s store-debut?
Please go check it out, and let us know what you think!


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