A Weekend of Opportunities!

This is a special weekend, you guys. Over the next few days, you will have more opportunities to get yourself a Fat Bottom treat than you have maybe ever before! We’ve got two different events in two different cities, as well as a Donut Farm full of our cupcakes starting Friday ’til they’re gone! If you’re planning to go the Donut Farm route (which you probably should), make haste: we dropped some cupcakes off yesterday around noon, and went back today to find them all sold out! Anyway, drop by Friday afternoon or Saturday morning and you should be safe!

To start our weekend off with a bang, we’ll be at Oakland’s First Friday festivities, tomorrow, Oct. 1st! Help us ring in our (or at least my) favorite month by coming out and eating some cupcakes! We’ll be out in the streets (around 23rd and Telegraph) with our cupcake trays full of Red Velvet and Raspberry Lemonade cupcakes starting around 6pm. Last time we sold out in just a couple hours, so try to catch us earlier rather than later? We want to see you all there!

Here I am at our last Art Murmur with the lucky dude who bought the last cupcake. He was very stoked, and also very nice!

Saturday we’ll be in San Francisco with our tray wandering alongside Look Around: A Fashion Crawl and Trunk Show, at the Mission Cultural Center as a part of this month’s Celebrate San Francisco events. The Mission Cultural Center is awesome, and the lady who hooked us into this event is a new friend who we met at the Femme Conference, so if that tells you anything, this should be a rad event. We’ll be there from 1 to 5pm with our trays in the early afternoon, then probably moving to a table inside the gallery a little later on.

Who knows, if we’re feeling crazy we may even take our trays and head over to Dolores Park. No guarantees, but that would be fun, right?!

Also, just as a sort of save-the-date FYI type deal, the next East Bay Vegan Bakesale is going to be Saturday, October 30th in front of Issues! We’ll have all the details and a glorious flier for you very soon. Anyway, write it in your planner now!


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