Where to find FBB this weekend

You guys. Exciting news! Starting this very weekend, Fat Bottom Bakery treats will be available at some of your favorite local stores and cafes.

First, why don’t you stop by Other Avenues Food Coop in the city for a cupcake and a fruit bar in addition to your usual reusable bag full of high-quality vegetarian groceries? Seriously, Other Avenues is a great shop and we’re excited to be working with them. And for all you who are fans of the raspberry bar, now’s you chance to go out and get some!

Then we’ve got Oakland’s fabulous Rooz Cafe on Park Blvd., who will be getting in a fresh shipment of cupcakes on Saturday to hold them through the weekend. Or at least the first few hours of Saturday, because I know you all are going to rush the counter and buy them up before Sunday. Right? Right.

And, as always, the fine folks at the Donut Farm will have an assortment of cupcakes for you starting Friday morning, which you can enjoy with their house-roasted coffee and, uh… a donut? Seriously though, it’s not a bad idea.

Please go out and support us wherever you can this weekend! It would really mean a lot to us for y’all to let the lovely people who run these shops know that they’re making the right choice by carrying some local, vegan products made by a couple of ladies in Oakland. We’re hoping to get out there far and wide in the coming months, and every time you buy a Fat Bottom baked good from your local shop, you’re helping us reach our goals. It may sound cheesy but it’s true! And I can’t stop myself!


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