Fat Bottom Bakery takes over the world! I mean Bay Area stores.

As November draws to a close and the end of the year approaches (is it possible? Already?), we wanted to give you a little update on how we’ve been spending our Autumn days. And how we’ve been spending our Autumn days is in our cold, cold kitchen baking up treats for you to buy at a whole bunch of amazing places around the bay.

We told you about some of them a couple weeks ago, but wait, there’s more!

Herbivore in Berkeley now has Fat Bottom cupcakes to accompany whatever other deliciousness you may order there. Breakfast burrito and a cupcake? Sure! Grilled “Chicken” Sandwich and a cupcake? That would be my choice for lunch. Cocktail? Smoothie? Cupcake? It’s true, now all this can be yours. Head over to Herbivore and let them know you’re stoked!

And now, with the biggest selection of FBB goods in the bay, Mama Buzz in Oakland is serving up fruit bars, cookies, AND cupcakes! Every day! Enjoy them with a soy latte, a big beer, a cigarette out back in their patio– we won’t judge! Bring your schoolwork, reading, friends, or your dog. Did I mention Mama Buzz is an all-vegetarian cafe? Rad.


Of course you can also still pick up your choice of treats with your coffee at Rooz in Oakland, or with your groceries at Other Avenues in SF, too.

And, this Friday, we’ll be at Oakland’s Art Murmur once again with our specialty red velvet cupcakes, and a surprise seasonal flavor. Look for two ladies in dresses and, well, this guy:

If you’ve been to either of the past couple First Fridays, you may have seen (or, more likely, heard) our friend Ryan with us slinging cupcakes. When you think of Fat Bottom Bakery, do you tend to think of ballpark-peanut-vendor style sales tactics (ie. yelling)? If not, you clearly need more Art Murmur in your life. And more Ryan Parks. See you all there?


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