Sf Vegan Bakesale this weekend!

No, the fact that I’m posting this (adorable) flier again isn’t an accident– notice the changed date! That’s right, the last San Francisco Vegan Bakesale ended up getting postponed and moved to this Saturday! And you know what’s great about this new date? It means we’ll get to be there with Fat Bottom treats!


Please show up to another fantastic bakesale, and support Mickacoo and Muttville!

Also, no details for you yet, but remember we’ll be having another East Bay Vegan Bakesale in February! And this one may have a special surprise way for you to support the bakesale– hold your horses and we’ll announce it when everything’s all set in its place.

And, just as a bonus for you to warm up this cold Winter Monday a bit, here’s an incredibly charming and tiny kitten enjoying one of our classic vanilla cupcakes.


Ok, so he doesn’t look like he’s enjoying it that much, but that’s only because he wasn’t really allowed to eat it! Other than that, this little guy was totally high on life.
‘Til next time!


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