FBB at Philz Coffee! Plus, some teasers to get your mouth watering.

Good news, everyone: as of this week, there is one more place in the Bay Area to pick up some Fat Bottom treats! Even better news? It’s Philz Coffee in Berkeley!
In case you’ve never been, allow me to tell you this place is incredible! It’s huge, with lots of seating and, oh yeah, they brew their award-winning coffee one cup at a time. It pretty much rules, and we recommend you go check it out asap. And leave with your choice of vegan cookie or fruit bar while you’re at it!

And now, I’ve got a handful of pictures to make your Monday (or whatever day it is when you read this) a little more mouth-watering. First, a variety of cupcakes (and some cookies!) for special orders, just because I thought they looked nice:



And, just to tease you a bit more, check out our progress on the coveted vegan croissant! We’ve made a few batches now, and they’re getting better and better! They mayyyy just be making their public debut at the next East Bay Vegan Bakesale. No promises! But, uh, I almost promise. So start saving now so you can pick some up in addition to everyone else’s fantastic treats that’ll also be there. Enjoy!





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