Valentine’s Day Special!

It’s that time of year again; whether you love or hate it, Valentine’s Day is upon us! Why not take this opportunity to give your loved ones a very special vegan treat, to show them how much you care?
By loved ones, of course, I mean to be inclusive. It doesn’t have to be your sweetheart you’re giving a sweet V-day present to– you don’t even have to have a sweetheart! Wouldn’t your friends and family (or hey, YOU) love a dozen rich chocolate cupcakes with pink fresh raspberry buttercream and chocolate ganache?
Yeah, you heard right. Our gift to all of you on this loveliest of holidays is our Valentine special. For a limited time– Sunday the 13th and Monday the 14th– you can have a dozen very special chocolate raspberry cupcakes for just $25!

If you’d like to place an order, please email to let us know by this Friday the 11th so we can make sure to get you on our special order list for the weekend!

(“Artist’s” rendering of the lucky cupcake recipient– super stoked!)

If you’re tempted by this deal but find one or two cupcakes to be more your speed, you can always go by any of the three Herbivore locations in Berkeley and San Francisco on Monday the 14th and buy them individually (after you feast on a delicious meal, of course)!

(This picture is NOT of your very special V-Day cupcakes, but I wanted to use it just so I could say we’re “cooking up some treats” for your big Monday– wah wah)


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