The SF Cupcake Challenge is Coming

It’s been awhile since we’ve entered a competition, so when we heard about the next month’s cupcake challenge, we figured it was about time to get back in the ring and have a go at kicking some non-vegan ass. I mean, showing the world (or at least the 500 people expected at the event) how delicious cruelty-free treats can be!

What in the world am I talking about? Well, allow me to introduce you to the inaugural SF Cupcake Challenge. Fat Bottom Bakery will be going up against a bevvy of local bakeries on Sunday, March 6th at the Mezzanine in SF to see whose cupcakes reign supreme in the ‘traditional’ and ‘original’ categories. It seems they’re keeping everyone’s flavors a secret until the competition, but I will tell you that we’ll be there with our best-seller for the ‘traditional’ entry, and a cupcake that’s seen battle before and wants vengeance in the ‘original’ category.

As far as I know, we’re the only vegan competitors, and as such I’d like to register our complete confidence in the battle-worthiness of our recipes, and also ask all our fellow vegan treat-eaters out there to send us your moral support! It seems unlikely that you’ll want to actually come to the event unless you’re a well-off cupcake fan who’s ok with dairy and eggs since the tickets are a steep (but probably worth it) $40.

At any rate, wish us luck, and wait for a full report-back after the event! We hope to be victorious, of course, but even if we return to the kitchen without any awards, we’ll be happy to have served over 1,000 of our delicious vegan minis to a lot of folks who may not have tried them otherwise.

There’s a video of the recent competition in LA here, and SF Weekly has a little blurb about the upcoming competition here.


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