Cupcake Challenge + Fatshion Clothing Swap!

I know we’ve gone a little while without a blog post here, but we’ve been super crazy busy with recent events and new orders, so apologies!
But now, we wanted to report back on the Cupcake Challenge we undertook a couple weekends ago! I’ll spoil the ending by saying that, sadly, we did not win.
However! It was a pretty fun event, packed with tons of people and cupcakes, and we got to connect with a lot of nice folks with sweet tooths (teeth?). Our creamsicle mini cupcake got an especially large number of compliments, and it was fun to be able to interact with a lot of people who didn’t have a lot of prior experience with vegan treats!
A few of our pictures are below, and some good ones (by a professional photographer and everything) are up here at Sf Station.

Our friend Debbie was an amazing helper all weekend!

Big tower of creamsicles

Check out our new chalk board sign!

Look at this crazy ballot/menu! Unfortunately we didn’t get to try any others, since they weren’t vegan…

…however, Debbie did! So we were able to get the lowdown on some of them from her.

In exciting-future-events news, FBB will be providing the treats for the Fatshion: Turn to the Left clothing swap in San Francisco Sunday, April 10th!
This is basically just what it sounds like, except even cooler. It’s a clothing swap for plus-sized ladies to get their fashion on in an environment full of rad clothes that will actually fit! And as a bonus, any leftover clothing that doesn’t get picked up at the swap will be donated to Out of the Closet after the event. Oh yeah, and there’s only a small suggested donation ($2-$6) to participate, and the cupcakes will be free! The event is co-organized by our friend Laura of everyone’s favorite Vegansaurus, so you know it’s gonna rule. Tell your fabulous size 12+ friends to come out, eat some cupcakes, and update their wardrobes with us!

Oh, and one more event-related announcement: unfortunately we will not be tabling at the Farm Fresh Friday farmer’s market as we announced in the last blog post. The organizers had to change the time of the market, and it just wasn’t possible to fit into our weekly schedule. Here’s hoping we’ll get a chance to see you all at many other markets in the near future!

That’s all for now, but we’re working out details for the next East Bay Vegan Bakesale, so stay tuned!


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