Fatshion Clothing Swap update + April Bakesale Postponed!

Hey all! First, I want to do a quick report-back on the Fatshion Clothing Swap held yesterday in San Francisco. In short: it effing ruled!

We went and set up our vaguely John Waters-themed mini cupcakes (tacky-cute, right??):

Right next to the champagne (and sodas! But mostly a big bucket of champagne!):

And then the swapping commenced!


I got this adorably appropriate and extremely comfy t-shirt, among other things.

It was really amazing to be in such a totally body-positive space with a bunch of happy, lovely ladies trading clothes and eating treats on a Sunday afternoon! Much respect and admiration to our friend Laura (who brings you not only the fat lady clothing swap, but also your favorite blog Vegansaurus etc. etc.), and her co-organizers. Rumor has it they’re going to plan another one sometime soon, so we hope to see some of you there!

In other news, we’re announcing the postponement of the next East Bay Vegan Bakesale! It was originally scheduled for next weekend, April 17th, but due to a variety of factors we’ve moved it back a month or so to late-May/early-June. Not the best news, I know, but hey: not bad either.

We’ll be sure to keep you all updated as soon as we’ve got a new date planned. It’s really going to be a great one, benefiting Bay Area Girls Rock Camp and Save KUSF! There’s even word that we may have a DJ in attendance, doing their dj thing right from the event. How rad is that?

And to leave you with a sweet image to tide you over, here’s the result of a recipe we tested this morning for sticky buns.


2 thoughts on “Fatshion Clothing Swap update + April Bakesale Postponed!

  1. the swap was so great and i left feeling part of a great community of supportive and loving women. i've been to clothing swaps that have felt like wrestling matches with people grabbing and mauling each other for first dibs on things. at this swap i commented on a cute top a gal pulled out of a pile and she asked me if i wanted it. no hair pulling! 🙂

    and those cupcakes, yep, i know what i want for my bday this year. a whole swimming pool filled with those delicious mini nuggets of joy.

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