Art Shows, Art Murmur and Birthday Party Season are upon us!

Hey all, sorry once again for lagging on blog posts– we’ve just got so many things going on it’s hard to find the time to post about all of them (or remember to bring the camera to take pictures; d’oh!). But now that we’ve got the apology out of the way, let me update you on what’s new and exciting in the world of FBB.

First up, it’s toddler birthday party season! Or so we’ve been told by one of our recent customers, and it seems to be true! Not sure how a season of birthdays really makes sense, but at the very least, it does seem to be the season of birthday parties! We’ve gotten to do tons of really cute cupcakes lately for some lucky kids, including these “Sesame Street” themed ones.


Subtle, huh (sort of?)? We thought it would be cuter and more classic to go with primary colors for the frosting and complimentary colors of sprinkles to get across the theme without using anything over-the-top cartoon printed. Anyway, I think they look super cute, all in their box together.

As always, if you know a kid, young or old, who needs some rainbow-sprinkled sweetness in their life, please get in touch! We love helping people celebrate all kinds of events. We even got to make a special delivery for someone on his 25th wedding anniversary the other day! It totally makes our day to help make your day. Sounds silly, but there’s just no other way to say it.

Next up, we’ve got a couple upcoming events we’d love to see you at!

As per usual, we will be at the Oakland Art Murmur next week (first Friday of the month, so June 3rd)! The weather’s getting warmer and Art Murmur just keeps getting bigger and better, so it’s definitely going to be the place to be next Friday. You’ll find us there with our cupcakes trays and two tasty flavors for you to choose from. Be on the lookout!

Then, after the street-fair-type portion of the night is over, we’ll head up the street to Classic Cars West on 26th St for the Femme Cartel Girly/Urban Art Opening! We’ll be there starting around 8:30 or 9, and are stoked to be selling our treats at what looks like it’s going to be a really fun, female-centered art show! Being surrounded by creative women of all stripes sounds like a pretty excellent way to spend the beginning of your weekend, doesn’t it?


Here’s the link to the Facabook event, if that’s your thing– respond and repost!

So that’s it for now. Please come out next weekend, and let us know here or on Facebook if you have any special cupcake flavor requests for Art Murmur! We’ll see what we can do, and see you there!


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