Best Weekend Ever! Come adopt a friend and eat some sweets!

You guys: The most joyous, exciting and wonderful event is coming this weekend, and we’ll be there to celebrate with cupcakes!

This Saturday, June 4th, is the beginning of the weekend-long Maddie’s Matchmaker Adoptathon, connecting people and shelter animals to help animals find their forever homes! Shelters all across Alameda and Contra Costa counties will be participating, and thanks to Maddie’s Fund (named after Maddie, a miniature schnauzer!), all adoption fees will be waived! In fact, the shelters will be receiving at least $500 per pet that is adopted in order to cover fees and help them continue the vital work they do to save companion animals.


We’ll be bringing a healthy supply of cupcakes at 11 am Saturday to the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society (a past EBVB beneficiary, located at 2700 Ninth Street in Berkeley) which will be given away to help people celebrate their new non-human family members. There will also be free gifts for adoptive pet-parents, as well as a makeshift photo booth, where people can pose with their new friends! How cute is that? The cutest.
Seriously, can you imagine a more wonderful event? Tons of animals finding a home, vegan cupcakes and other goodies, and money going to help fund East Bay shelters… now is definitely the time to come adopt, if you’ve been thinking of bringing home a companion animal.

And, also this weekend we will be at Oakland’s Art Murmur on Friday slinging cupcakes out of our trays, and after that, at the Femme Cartel Girly/Urban Art show!
Art Murmur is always huge, and keeps getting better as the nights start warming up, and at last count, the Femme Cartel Art Show has hundreds of people RSVPed! In addition to FBB, the show will also feature other local vendors including jewelry makers and clothes-sellers. It’s gonna be rad.
For more info on those two events, check out our previous blog post.


Have ideas about what cupcake flavors you’d like to see for sale on Friday? Let us know! We aim to please.

See you this weekend!


One thought on “Best Weekend Ever! Come adopt a friend and eat some sweets!

  1. i bet people would dig the mini cupcakes! easy and cheap! and you can still eat it in a fancy dress without making a pig outta yourself. 🙂

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