Weekend Success!

Hey all, just wanted to share a few photos with you of our weekend events!

Friday night, we had our event over at the Classic Cars West Gallery, which was a great place to take shelter from the drizzly rain and check out some amazing lady-made art (oh yeah, and cupcakes).

Look what an awesome gallery space this is– complete with some of the actual classic cars that fill the building on any given day.


Thanks to Lulu and the Classic Cars West Gallery for this hardly-even-awkward photo of me and our little setup! She got to us before the crowds flooded in, so you can actually see the table.

Next up, let’s revisit our trip to the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society Saturday morning for their weekend adoptathon event!
When we got there, they were setting up decorations for an awesome party atmosphere.


Every animal adopted went home with a free mystery gift…

And their person went home with a cupcake!

After we set up the cupcake table, we got to go inside and meet the cats who were up for adoption, including this little kitten pile.

It was almost impossible to leave there without scooping at least one of them up (I was beyond charmed by a big adult cat named Laredo, who was the sweetest and most beautiful), but we’ve got little animal friends of our own at home already, so we left them to meet their perfect match at the adoptathon. And I’m sure they did!

So that was our weekend. We’ll keep you updated when we find out from the Humane Society how (wildly successful) their weekend turned out in the end!


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