Happy Summer! We’ve got lots to tell you about.

Remember how we told you we were going to be on TV last week? Well, it happened, and it wasn’t even that embarrassing– it was actually really fun!
We got to spread the word about tasty vegan baked goods, and hopefully also let folks who have food allergies (and parents of kids with allergies)know that there are great options (like us!) out there to fulfill their need for sweets minus the dairy and eggs. Plus, we got to give treats to the Eye on the Bay crew, including our very gracious and enthusiastic host, Thuy Vu.
I believe our clip will be up on their website, though as of this writing I don’t see it yet. Anyway, check back if you missed it on CBS and wanna watch!

In other exciting news, last night we got to take part in Yelp’s Sunset Showdown event at the Craneway Pavillion, and it was totally crazy! In a good way.
Before arriving to set up, we weren’t exactly sure what we were getting ourselves into. Once there, however, it became clear that we were surrounded. Completely surrounded by dozens of other local food businesses, a giant stage to host the evening’s musical acts, aerial artists, a parkour demonstration (look it up), a tent and photobooth set up by the awesome folks of Girls’ Rock Camp (who were beneficiaries of the event), and… did I miss anything? Let me show you some pictures to help give you some idea what the heck I’m trying to describe.
The stage

The tent!

The view from our table– yes, that’s the parkour group in the background! Also pictured: our red velvet, toasted coconut, and chocolate cupcakes

During setup– yep, that Pyramid Brewery you see. We were more than taken care of in the beer department, with them and several other local brewers at the event

…And once the crowds arrived. As you can imagine, the 400 cupcakes we brought were gone pretty damn quickly

We had a great time getting to meet people and sample out our treats to lots of folks, from brand new vegans, to people who thought vegan cupcakes sounded weird until they tasted one and had to come back for seconds (always satisfying!). If you’re a Yelper who’s checking out our blog after checking usout at the event, welcome! It was nice to meet you.
We also had the pleasure of sharing a table with Nature’s Express, and were lucky enough to have a heaping plate of deliciousness from Souley Vegan, as well as running into Jen from Angel Cakes. Overall, a winning Sunday night.

In one final, less exciting piece of news, we will not be selling cupcakes at Art Murmur this Friday. We’ll be back in the swing of things next month, but for now we’re moving (house, not shop) and need some time to unpack. I mean, you know how it is, right?


‘Til next time!


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