Two Times the Treats this Friday

By now you’re used to running into us at Oakland Art Murmur, either with our cupcake trays, or in a booth with our friends Hella Vegan Eats, but this month: get ready, because we’re taking over!

We’ll have a booth once again on 23rd Street where we’ll have ALL NEW items for you to buy and try! The summer weather this past month has inspired us to start making our own vegan ice cream, and we’ve been feverishly burning through test recipes to bring you the most satisfying made-from-scratch ice cream sandwiches available. Yeah, I said ice cream sandwiches.

Just look for this guy in front of our booth! Just kidding, we would never, ever do that.

We’ll also have an assortment of other sweet and savory items, including some really delicious turnovers, and possibly the debut of our brand new savory scones (pronounced “best savory scones of all time” by our very smart friend with a sophisticated palate and of course no bias whatsoever toward our goods [hey, she’s not even vegan!])!
So get ready.

And as if that weren’t enough first Friday, we’ll also be representing a few blocks up Telegraph at the Amoeba Art Show!
That’s Amoeba, as in your favorite record store. They’re holding their annual art show, showcasing works from staff at all three of their stores at 2928 Telegraph Avenue from 6-11pm! There will be art, of course, as well as excellent DJs spinning tunes for your listening pleasure, and Fat Bottom cupcakes to round out the good-times trifecta.

We’re super excited, and hope to see you this Friday!

P.S. If you want to rsvp to the Amoeba show on facebook, you can find the event here.


A weekend to celebrate

I really wanted to post some photos today of what we were up to this weekend. Some people celebrated Easter or Passover, but we got to cater a wedding on Sunday, after partying Friday night for Carolynn and our friend Gina’s birthday!

First, the wedding. It was at a lovely venue in Tilden Park, filled with decorations, a photo booth, and of course our cupcake tower on the dessert table.

I really like how they decided to go with all-white frosting and wrappers on their cupcakes, making them simple and pretty, and allowing the extra touches, like the little flags, to really stand out!

Their cake topper was pretty sweet too. We heard the reception was lovely and the cupcakes were devoured!

And here’s a bonus shot of some of our minis at Carolynn’s party, next to a punch bowl full of fresh, home-made wine spritzer. Who has home-made wine spritzer at their party? Classy ladies, that’s who.

Hope your weekend treated you well, whatever you did!

Rainbows in a box, & a Very Hungry Caterpillar

We got to create some really, really fun cupcakes this weekend. First, some of our favorites, the rainbow layered vanilla cupcakes went out to our Community Supported Bakery subscribers:

One of our subscribers came in to pick up her order and squealed when we opened up the box. This job doesn’t get a lot better than that!

And later Sunday afternoon, it was time to send this Very Hungry Caterpillar off to a first birthday party!

It was a lot of fun to do the decorations and set this one up. Plus, a hungry caterpillar made out of food is kind of amazing, right?

Stayed tuned later this week for news about where to find our treats at the Oakland Art Murmur, and until then, have a good week!