A weekend to celebrate

I really wanted to post some photos today of what we were up to this weekend. Some people celebrated Easter or Passover, but we got to cater a wedding on Sunday, after partying Friday night for Carolynn and our friend Gina’s birthday!

First, the wedding. It was at a lovely venue in Tilden Park, filled with decorations, a photo booth, and of course our cupcake tower on the dessert table.

I really like how they decided to go with all-white frosting and wrappers on their cupcakes, making them simple and pretty, and allowing the extra touches, like the little flags, to really stand out!

Their cake topper was pretty sweet too. We heard the reception was lovely and the cupcakes were devoured!

And here’s a bonus shot of some of our minis at Carolynn’s party, next to a punch bowl full of fresh, home-made wine spritzer. Who has home-made wine spritzer at their party? Classy ladies, that’s who.

Hope your weekend treated you well, whatever you did!


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