Our epic wedding weekend!

This past weekend (as in, the last three days), we catered four beautiful weddings. I’ve heard June is the most popular month to get married, and now we’ve seen that firsthand. I can also see why! Each of the venues we set up at this weekend were absolutely lovely, from a balmy spot in the hills Friday morning to the sunny shores of Lake Merritt on Sunday afternoon.

We were too busy to do much pictures taking, though some of our couples have promised us photos when they come in, so hopefully we’ll have those to share with you sometime soon! For now, here is my favorite of the shots we did snap:

We’ve also updated the Weddings page on our website to include some more photos, and testimonials from some of our past clients. Check it out!
And if you or someone you know is planning a wedding (or commitment ceremony, or big old party of any kind), please get in touch with us! The earlier the better, as our weekends have been booking up fast. We just can’t get enough, and would love to be a part of your celebration!


Organic Spring Veggies= Tasty First Friday!

Just a couple photos to share you from last week’s Art Murmur–
It was a lot of fun this month, with the warm weather, late sunset, and tons of people out in the streets!
We brought two types of savory hand pies this time around; one a veggie pot pie, made with organic fingerling potatoes, carrots, and spring onions from Happy Boy Farms, and the other with a broccoli and cashew cheese filling, made with fresh broccoli from Tomatero Organic Farms.

It’s hard to resist all the produce at the Farmer’s market this time of year! We’re lucky enough to be in a business where going out and tasting strawberry samples is part of the deal.

Oh yeah, we also made strawberry shortcake. Consisting of a sweet biscuit filled with macerated fresh strawberries, and topped with our house-made cashew cream– light and delicious! And of course something to wash it down–fresh squeezed lemonade was also available.

We also had a little raffle this month to reward folks for signing up for our email list. Congratulations to Sara, our winner of 1 dz. cupcakes! What do you think, should we offer this deal again next time? Lord knows we have a lot of hot pink raffle tickets left.

Until next time!