Check out our webstand on Good Eggs!

There’s a really fun, easy new way to order treats from Fat Bottom Bakery– through our webstand on Good Eggs!
A vegan business on a site called Good Eggs? Ironic, maybe, but check it out and I think you’ll agree we’re a great match.
From their website: “Good Eggs is a hub to bring people and food closer together. It’s a local food marketplace, a guide to eating well, and a set of tools to help local farmers & foodmakers sell direct” It’s a really cool concept, and we’re excited to be a part of it right at its inception!
You can choose a one time order, with a variety of different options for pickup or delivery, or choose to make a standing order, and get items delivered to you once a month! And, perhaps best of all, we’re even giving our customers who order through Good Eggs a bit of a discount (a dozen cupcakes for only $25?!).
So check it out here, share it with your friends, and get ordering!