Good Eggs Picnic, Saturday the 27th

We’re excited to take part in the inaugural Good Eggs picnic this Saturday! Taking place in San Francisco at Dolores Park, picnicers can pre-order a wide array of items this week from the Good Eggs website (click here), which will be available for pickup and enjoyment on Saturday!

From their website:

“On October 27th, celebrate Fall (better known as our late summer) with an awesome picnic in the park!
Pre-order your basket by Friday, October 26th and we’ll do the packing so you can do the relaxing! Pick up your basket (it’ll come in your very own Good Eggs tote bag) at Dolores Park — then stick around for free drinks and chat with our amazing farmers & foodmakers… or go meet your friends elsewhere and show off your tasty treats.”

FBB will be offering a cookie assortment, including three of our favorite classic cookie flavors (chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and oatmeal) for the very affordable price of $4! Place your order for these babies this week and look forward to a delicious Saturday.



Wedding cupcakes… for my own wedding!

So, this past Saturday I got married. It was beautiful and wonderful, and of course would not have felt right without some Fat Bottom cupcakes and cake for dessert. Luckily, I’ve got an in with the bakery (being one half of it myself) and got exactly what I wanted. Check it out!

I’ll do a longer post when we get more photos back and are more fully recovered from wedding weekend madness, but for now, I couldn’t resist these two!