A Valentine’s photo essay

There were some mishaps…

but we pulled it together!

and packed…

and packed…

and piled them all up before delivering them to daughters, partners and friends.

And even cleaned up after ourselves! We may be clumsy, but we’re no slobs.

Hope everyone is having a great day, and to those who received a special box of treats, enjoy!


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Hope it’s as sweet as this little guy– that’s Sonny– who got to enjoy one of our V-Day specials at last week’s Art Murmur.

Valentine’s Day Special!

It’s that time of year again; whether you love or hate it, Valentine’s Day is almost here! Why not take this opportunity to give your loved ones a very special vegan treat, to show them how much you care?
By loved ones, of course, I mean to be inclusive. It doesn’t have to be your sweetheart you’re giving a sweet V-day present to– you don’t even have to have a sweetheart! Wouldn’t your friends and family (or hey, YOU) love a dozen cupcakes delivered especially to them?
This year we’ve got a special treat– our moist chocolate cupcakes, stuffed with raspberry cream filling, then coated in rich ganache and topped with a sweet “fauxstess” cupcake design. Adorable, right?

A dozen of these babies can be yours, delivered or picked up in Oakland, for a mere $25. Yeah, you heard right. Our gift to all of you on this lovely holiday is our Valentine special. For a limited time– Sunday the 12th through Tuesday the 14th– you can have a dozen very special chocolate raspberry cupcakes for just $25!

If you’d like to place an order, please email fatbottombakers@gmail.com to let us know by Friday, February 10th so we can make sure to get you on our special order list for Valentine’s day!