New cupcakes!

It was a lovely summery weekend. The skies were clear, the sun was shining, birds were chirping…etcetera. What did Ashley and I decide to do? Go on a hike or take a swim? Nope. We spent all weekend working over a hot oven perfecting cupcake recipes in our million-degree kitchen. It was great and totally worth it. This was one of those baking experiments that turns our perfect on the first try, which as you may know is not always the case.

                              Introducing coconut cupcakes two ways!

We invented a seriously intense coconut cupcake, a moist coco-nutty cupcake with coconut cream frosting and chocolate ganache topping. This is a real dessert cupcake, it’s super rich and totally satisfying. 


And we also created a strawberry coconut cupcake. This is an airy coconut cupcake with a fresh strawberry butter cream. It’s light, delicious, and perfect snack on a summer evening. 


As always, keep checking back for more new creations– and while you’re at it, come find us when we’re out and about and try some of them for yourself!
We’re sure you’ve already marked this on your calendar, but in case you forgot, our next official public appearance (with a variety of treats, of course!) is Friday, May 29th at 924 Gilman.